Move Management

Researching relocation management companies? Look no further. Let us take over and relieve the stress associated with moving your business.

A relocation Project Manager can execute and strategize your move down to the last detail. From I.T. infrastructure, servers and PC disconnects and reconnects to construction documents, furniture installation, and ensuring you have your certificate of occupancy, we’ll get you settled into your new space just like you’ve been there all along.

Understanding the day-to-day operations and individual department functions are key in knowing how best to plan for an office shut down, move, and re-opening. Our team uses meticulous care in our relocation services, taking the time to completely reassemble and organize the new location so your team can get back to work. We even go the extra mile to take photos of your initial space to ensure every aspect of your new location is in order and ready for business immediately.

  • Corporate Offices- Large and Small Businesses
  • Industrial- Manufacturing and Warehouse
  • Educational Institutions/Government Agencies
  • Medical Clinics/Research Labs
  • Specialty

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