Move Management

Researching relocation management companies? Look no further. Let our team of commercial movers and project managers take over and relieve the stress associated with moving a business.

A relocation Project Manager can execute and strategize your move down to the last detail. From I.T. infrastructure, server and PC disconnects and reconnects to construction documents, furniture installation, and ensuring you have your certificate of occupancy, we’ll get you settled into your new space just like you’ve been there all along.

Understanding the day-to-day operations and individual department functions are key to knowing how best to plan for an office shutdown, move, and re-opening. Our team uses meticulous care in our relocation services, taking the time to completely reassemble and organize the new location so your team can get back to work. We even go the extra mile to take photos of your initial space to ensure every aspect of your new location is in order and ready for business immediately.

Corporate relocation involves more than transporting items from one space to another. You need to consider space planning, reassembling cubicles and structured furniture systems, off-site storage, managing your IT equipment, and more. There are many moving parts, and by proceeding without the help of an office moving company you run the risk of serious operational impacts. To make sure that your corporate move goes off without a hitch, schedule a consultation with one of our experts today.

Whether you are relocating a manufacturing facility or a warehouse, coordinating the move is no small project. Aside from needing specialized rigging to move assembly lines and heavy machinery, you need to organize inventory and maintain access to equipment that’s crucial to operation.

At Relocation Strategies, we are industrial machinery movers who have a mastery of logistics. We know that business doesn’t stop when you move, and our expert project managers will use inventory management techniques and strategic planning to limit disruption and ensure that you have continued access to materials.

Institutional moving for universities, libraries, and government agencies requires a specialized relocation company with impeccable record keeping, financial stability, and the ability to comply with government guidelines. Relocation Strategies has a proven track record of providing quality institutional moving. Our ability to transport library items, IT & kitchen equipment, and dormitory items while providing off-site storage and debris removal will enable a swift and painless transition to the new space.

Medical clinic and research lab relocation is a highly sensitive process that demands attention to detail and extreme care. The clinical moving company that you trust will need to follow regulations for transporting chemicals and hazardous material, protect fragile and valuable equipment, and keep you informed every step of the way. If you need a clinical moving company that will relocate sensitive files, lab equipment, and hazardous material, schedule a consultation with one of our expert project managers.

Do you have a unique project that doesn’t fit into a specific category? We can help. Relocation Strategies has been operating for nearly 30 years, and during that time, we have successfully completed a wide range of projects. Our vast network of vendors and deep industry experience allows us to adapt to a variety of situations. If you are planning a highly specialized move, request a consult today.

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