Medical Clinic & Research Lab Relocation

Moving a medical clinic or research lab is a delicate operation. There can be hazardous material that requires specific and strictly-regulated transport procedures. The equipment is typically precisely calibrated, fragile, and expensive. Planning the move calls for detailed organization and ongoing support to preserve research progress. Electing to perform a medical clinic or research lab relocation with an unqualified provider can result in irreplaceable losses.

At Relocation Strategies, our project managers have a proven track record of coordinating complex moves for medical clinics and research labs. Our deep vendor relations and industry experience enables us to tackle moves agnostic to scope. So, whether you are moving a lab across the street or an entire research facility across the country, we can get you there. 

Medical Clinic Relocation Services

Patients rely on medical clinics when they need care and treatment, and medical clinics rely on capable relocation services when they need to move into a new location. Our medical clinic relocation project managers understand the value of communication, planning, and follow-through. This means that when you work with Relocation Strategies for your move, you and all of the employees will stay informed of important deadlines and no tasks will fall through the cracks.

Our medical clinic services include:

  • Rigging
  • Inventory tracking and transfer
  • Phased movement for continued operations
  • IT project management
Empty medical clinic prior to relocation
Research lab being prepared for relocation

Research Lab Relocation Services

If an item is lost during a typical move, it’s an inconvenience at best and an expensive replacement at worst. If an item is lost while moving a research lab, it can mean months, if not years, of wasted time and effort. By keeping tabs on all inventory with careful tracking, every item is always accounted for.  

Our research lab services include:

  • Lab equipment receipt and temporary storage
  • On-site project management
  • Security and access system
  • Rigging

What is Involved in a Research Lab or Medical Clinic Move?

Moving a research lab or medical clinic involves a lore more than a standard residential or commercial move. In addition to the furniture and office equipment typically found in moves, the specialty move of a research lab or medical clinic introduces sensitive equipment, hazardous chemicals, and sometimes live specimens. The additional aspects mean a lower margin for error and a higher chance of complications.

There is no typical move when it comes to a research lab or medical clinic, but the one thing that remains constant is the necessity to maintain a clear and open line of communication. Our project managers work with you to make sure that priorities are maintained, and your service goals are met. We also perform pre-move checks and post-move performance verifications to make sure that all of your equipment and instruments arrive intact and functioning as expected.

Truck relocating medical equipment

Research Lab Case Study: Swift Health Systems

Before a medical equipment company consolidated its operations into a new headquarters, they called on Relocation Strategies to help. Under the direction and planning of our team, the medical equipment company saved time and remained primed for growth when they moved into their new space. Furthermore, Relocation Strategies employed tactics that offset a sizable cost.

Read the full case study here.

More Than a Moving Company

At Relocation Strategies, we pride ourselves on going beyond what a relocation company is expected to do. Our decades of industry experience taught us that a successful relocation involves more than moving items from one location to another. There are detailed logistics, fast planning, and careful considerations that must be implemented to ensure that the transition to your new location goes off without a hitch.

If your company needs a new space, our expert medical clinic and research lab relocation project managers can help.

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