Industrial Relocation

Completing an industrial relocation demands rigorous planning and precise execution. Many moving parts facilitate a successful relocation, and proceeding without a comprehensive plan leaves your business vulnerable to lost time, profits, and productivity.

At Relocation Strategies, our relocation project managers are dedicated to minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency when it comes to moving your warehouse, factory, plant, or other industrial facility. We pride ourselves on going beyond what a typical industrial moving company is expected to do. Our decades of industrial experience have taught us that a successful relocation involves more than moving items from one location to another. It calls for detailed logistics, fast planning, and diligent project management.

If your company has outgrown your old space and need somewhere larger, or if you are downsizing to something more appropriate, our expert industrial relocation project managers are ready to help with your warehouse, factory, or plant relocation.

Warehouse Relocation Services

When relocating a warehouse, it is important to implement a warehouse transition plan. A thorough warehouse transition plan will outline schedules for disassembling, transporting, and reassembling equipment, provide guidelines for inventory management, integrate space planning visualization, and more.

Relocation Strategies has an extensive history of success as one of the top warehouse relocation companies. We have been helping warehouses and storage facilities relocate for over 25 years, and we have developed proven methods for coordinating moves with safety and efficiency.

Our warehouse relocation services include:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Off-site storage for continued fulfillment
  • Rigging
  • Space planning

Factory Relocation Services

Commercial relocations at an industrial scale call for added levels of safety, communication, and overall expertise. The sensitive and expensive equipment being moved during the factory relocation is critical to your operation, and handling it with care is our top priority. To keep the impact on productivity as low as possible, we will maintain open lines of communication before, during, and after the transition. If needed, our factory relocation project managers will plan to stage the move to ensure limited disruption to your production.

Our factory relocation services include:

  • Assembly line transportation
  • Staged relocation
  • Space planning
  • Rigging

Plant Relocation Services

Relocating a plant involves numerous considerations, especially if transporting hazardous materials is part of the move. Coordinating the project while minimizing productivity impacts and performing your normal business duties requires too much bandwidth for any one person to perform. Even if an internal relocation team is assigned and splits the duties, obtaining a certificate of occupancy and other unforeseen roadblocks may appear, causing delays and revenue loss.

To make sure that your plant relocation is performed with maximum efficiency and minimal stress, it is recommended that you hire a qualified industrial relocation company.

Our plant relocation services include:

  • Lab equipment receipt and temporary storage
  • Project Scheduling and coordination
  • Security and Access system installation
  • Space decommissioning

Case Study: G&J Manufacturing

Consolidating multiple units into one building is a massive undertaking, and when California-based manufacturer G&J Manufacturing moved operations into their newly purchased building, Relocation Strategies was called in to execute. We used our vast network of vendors to relocate warehouse contents, sensitive equipment, and assembly lines. The project’s overall cost was controlled by identifying elements that could be handled internally and analyzing sophistication requirements for outsourced labor.

Read the full case study here.

relocating a manufacturing plant in california

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