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Transitioning from a larger office space into a smaller one presents itself with considerable challenges. What are you going to do with all that extra furniture? You need liquidation experts to manage your office decommissioning to avoid unwanted expense. Or maybe you are experiencing rapid growth and need to move into a larger space. Will there be enough parking and reliable public transportation for your employees and customers? Your office transition plan is critical, and you need office relocation services to keep productivity high and costs low.

Neglecting the steps to properly decommission your business space leaves you exposed to various unwanted extra expenses. Given that Relocation Strategies® is an independent, non-biased company, we provide services tailored to each specific customer and budget – not based on industry partnerships. Our team will reduce the stress and cost of your business transition with efficiency and tact.

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Corporate Transition Strategy

Our close industry relationships, technical skills, and decades of experience allows our team to expertly execute your office transition project.

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There are many aspects to successfully transitioning into a new space, and one person should be expected to have the bandwidth to handle all of them. Is the leader in charge of your move a seasoned professional with a thorough understanding of office relocation services? If not, the transition to your new space will be overwhelming and costly. Relocation Strategies removes the stress and works within your budget to offer top-notch services that ensure a smooth transition.

Clear, purposeful communication is the key to successfully completing your relocation. Do your vendors know when to stop a servicing or making deliveries to the old location? Have the appropriate government agencies been informed that you’re moving? Are your employees prepared for the transition to the new space?

A lot of communication goes into a move. To make sure that everything is taken care of, the safest step is to reach out to a company that knows the proper procedures. Relocation Strategies has been providing office relocation services for over 25 years, and we’d love to talk.

Office decommissioning is a crucial part of any relocation project. If it isn’t properly executed, you will almost certainly experience issues with holdover rent, receiving your security deposit, or both. The surest way to avoid the headache and potential wasted capital is to hire office decommissioning professionals.

At Relocation Strategies, we have over 25 years of experience with returning office spaces to the condition outlined in the lease agreement. Our team of program managers will oversee all projects and ensure that you not only move out of your old space, but that you are able to move on without any issues.

When you move into a new space, it almost always means that you are leaving behind an old space. Unless the two spaces are identical, chances are you will no longer need some of your furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). If you don’t have an FF&E project manager planning an exit strategy, you could be left eating the cost of disposal.

The FF&E disposal cost includes labor, planning, transportation, and landfill fees. When you are working with an entire office’s worth of FF&E, the total cost has the potential to skyrocket. Our FF&E project manager will begin with an evaluation and appraisal of your unwanted FF&E and then form a disposal plan. We have a vast network of reliable vendors that we utilize to ensure your FF&E is disposed of in the most environmentally and economically friendly manner.