Relocating a business can seem like a daunting task. There are electronics and furniture to move, utilities to transfer, lease contracts to sign, not to mention the hurdle of transferring all your employees into a new space without disrupting their work. What if we told you that you didn’t need to figure all of this out from scratch? Starting 6 months before, we have put together a relocating a business checklist for California to get you started on the big move. No loss of productivity, no loss of revenue, no headaches.

6 Months Before a Business Move in California

6 months before the business relocation is when you need to start planning high level tasks, such as finding find an architect/interiors firm, finding new office space, and getting your new lease contract started. Take some time to vet any new contractors or partners. A lot of trust is involved with a business move so ask for references and do some online research before you hire anyone. Get together a list of needs and wants for you new space. Think about your square footage and furniture/IT needs. Once you find a space, make sure you plan any construction needs as far ahead as possible as well.

5 Months Before a Business Move in California

At about 5 months before the big move to California, finalize your lease and construction needs and hire a general contractor. Again, vet these new hires well as they will be very important partners in your move. This is also the right time to decide which furniture/IT equipment you would like to take with you in the move, which pieces need to go, and what new furniture you want to add to the space. Are any of your current pieces leased? Do you need to make special arrangements to move or return the leased pieces? Once you find a general contractor, get started on alternations for you new space at this time. If you have demolition needs see that they begin at least 5 months out.

4 Months Before a Business Move in California

4 months before is when your relocation plans need to be finalized and any tasks with minimum times (like permit applications for construction) should all be under way. Review and finalize your move plan with a Relocation Strategies project manager to be sure nothing is missed. Move dates should also be finalized and orders placed for any new furniture and IT equipment. Don’t let relocating your business cause you to lose productivity and revenue, not to mention sleep. You will need to have trusted and experienced partners in this endeavor and that is where the professionals at Relocation Strategies come in. You may have never moved a business before, but we have! Consider using Relocation Strategies to manage your business move in California.

Looking for a checklist up until the very day of the move? Download our Free Relocation Checklist.

Free Relocation Checklist

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