IT Relocation requires a lot of planning and technical expertise. Here at Relocation Strategies, our business relocation consultant team has experience in a vast array of industries. IT equipment are often the lifeblood of any company, not to mention a company that is focused on providing IT solutions for their clients. An IT business relocation can be tedious but developing an IT relocation project plan is the place to start.

IT Relocation Project Plan

The earlier you start planning your business relocation, the less risk you’ll experience. Your relocation project plan is, without a doubt, the best step you can take to ensure your business relocation is executed on time and on budget.

This IT Relocation Checklist gives you can idea of the key points you must include when devising your IT relocation plan. These phases can include any and all of the following:

  • Your team must evaluate and plan for the business technology requirements of your new office location
  • You must access available connectivity resources ahead of time. Then, identify restrictions from the new landlord or property management company
  • Creating a resilient Business Continuity Plan to safeguard your valuable data and information
  • Organizing your technology move (from packing boxes to organization in the new space)
  • Creating & effectively using a test plan to ensure everything is working in the new space

Business Relocation Project Managers

We can agree that it is an entirely reasonable expectation that a company’s communications infrastructure (computers, servers, email, copiers, fax machines, phone systems etc) are fully functional even after a large business relocation. It’s a hard project to manage for someone who doesn’t have experience in the field. It takes time, experience, organization, and dedication to pull off an IT relocation project plan and execute it flawlessly. That’s where your relocation consultant team comes in.

Relocation Consultant Team

If you’re planning an IT relocation or any business relocation throughout the US and internationally, you’ll need support. Get in contact with our relocation consultants today and get a plan in place. You don’t want your business to suffer the effects of a poorly planned business relocation.

Relocation Strategies provides corporate relocation services for companies all over the US and internationally. We’ve seen companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries move to locations that better fit their needs. That said, we have specific experience in our local market of California. Here’s our list of some of the best cities in California for large business relocation.

San Francisco, California Relocation

It’s no surprise the San Francisco area is a popular place with the fourth largest population in the state. San Francisco also has the nation’s highest GDP per capita in 2017 and the national rankings explain why. It is home to three of the world’s largest companies and is home to four of the world’s richest people.

A few recognizable businesses that have thrived in the San Francisco area are Twitter, Uber, Lyft, Square, AirBnb, and Yelp. Because of San Francisco’s boom in the tech industry, it has become one of the strongest cities for companies to thrive in. However, it should be kept in mind that not all booming companies are in technology. Large business relocation companies will tell you a wide variety of companies have moved to this area.

Santa Monica, California Relocation

San Francisco isn’t the only town with some recognizable company names. Santa Monica, in the western part of Los Angeles is home to companies like Hulu, Toms Shoes, Lionsgate Films, and much more. If you are looking for corporate relocation services, the Santa Monica area is definitely one to keep on your list.

Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto is a great city to move a business, being in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Some notable companies that started here are HP, Tesla, Paypal and Google. Office movers helped Facebook relocate to this city during its first relocation to California. Plus, it is home to Stanford University, which produces some of the best business educated individuals with fresh ideas to keep a company relevant in our ever-changing world. The best corporate relocation companies have plenty of experience moving businesses here, so make sure to give us a call if you are thinking the same.

Corporate Relocation Services

If your company is considering a large business relocation, we’re the team for the job. Our experience in the California market means we have the connections and expertise you’ll need to ensure your program goes off without a hitch. For corporate relocation services from the best project managers in the biz, get in touch. Let’s get started.

The team at Relocation Strategies has expertise in coordinating and managing relocations of large and small offices, as well as large corporate locations, manufacturing and production facilities, research and technical laboratories, medical clinics and more. Our nationwide business relocation services mean we have experience managing move-related problems quickly to avoid a runaway over-budget project or costly employee downtime. These are exactly the skills G & J Manufacturing needed in order to coordinate their multi-unit move. Here’s how Relocation Strategies’ relocation action plan got the job done.

Project Overview

Relocation Strategies job was to consolidate G & J Manufacturing’s multiple units into its newly purchased building. G & J programs and manufactures high end, customized printed circuit boards for the music and recording industry. G & J utilizes both automated and manual assembly processes, neither of which the company could afford to have completely shut down during the relocation process.

Project Manager for Business Relocation

As a project manager for business relocation, we are responsible for project coordination, sourcing and installation of pallet racking and management of multiple vendors for the relocation of office and warehouse contents, including equipment rigging, inventory, and light shelving and parts.

Industrial & Warehouse Relocation Checklist

The team at Relocation Strategies instituted a phased relocation plan of equipment and inventory that ensured G & J would be able to maintain continuous production in both areas throughout the move. A move checklist is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to keep your team organized, on budget, and on time during a business relocation. Organization is essential, especially when income and the prosperity of the business is on the line.

Business Relocation Services

Our team will assist in your relocation project from start to finish. Leave all major coordination and purchasing decisions to us! We’re there to answer questions, save you time, and save you money. Ready to make a business transition, get in touch!

Relocating a manufacturing plant and the installation of new industrial equipment is complicated to say the least. As a project manager for business relocation, there are many significant components to consider that are essential for the success of the job. A solid business relocation plan must be put into place before anything can be executed. Your large business or manufacturing relocation checklist must take things like employee downtime, lack of inventory, moving logistics, re-installation, updated floor plans, feasibility, current or new facility requirements, process and plant design, equipment installation, and new process start-up into consideration.

Here are three of the most common mistakes we see as a project manager for business relocation in amateur plant relocations.

Moving to a New Industrial Space Checklist

Overlooking the relocation schedule, budget, and contingency can be detrimental to any relocation of a large office. At the beginning of the relocation process, it’s important to create a manufacturing moving checklist to ensure your team assesses the full scope of the project. If even behind one day, your company can forfeit a large amount of production and revenue. No company can afford this, and you shouldn’t have to.

A project manager for business location takes all these small details into account in your business relocation plan. Teams like Relocation Strategies have experience with all kinds of large-scale relocation programs and have the connections and tenure to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

New vs. Old Equipment

Failing to assess the potential impact old machines and equipment might have in a move can be a big problem when it comes to functioning in a new space. Before relocating a manufacturing plant, a company must analyze the equipment and processes ahead of time. This can mitigate a lot of risk in this area. By hiring people with knowledge of equipment history, the company can benefit from breakdown prevention.

Plan for Financial Risk

Not planning for financial implications prior relocating a manufacturing plant is something we see often. Project costs, delivery and payment schedules, and invoicing can all be planned in advance. Every member of the team—even financial planners—should be taken into consideration.

Project Manager for Business Relocation

By hiring a team to support your relocation, you’ll ensure movers, contractors, and other suppliers are all managed. The new site will be in good working order before assets arrive and your project will stay on time and on budget.

Here at Relocation Strategies, we want you to have a plan for success. Our team helps corporations, offices, manufacturing plants, and hospitals with their relocation efforts to ensure your organization strategically execute a large move, with little downtime. If you’re interested in our services, reach out to our team! We’re here to help!