California’s cities are known powerhouses in business and technology. Giant employers have been relocating to California cities for years. Smaller businesses are also making the move throughout the state, whether it be to gain more top-level talent, upgrading their turf, or downsizing. California has a large population of skilled workers, so consider these locations among the best California cities for business for your company’s relocation to California.

Palo Alto, California

At the head of our list of top cities to move a business in California is a city that is synonymous with entrepreneurship. In the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is a legendary home to many startups and technology companies, including HP, Ideo, Nest, Palantir, Tesla, and more. Many other companies worked from Palo Alto in the early years – Facebook, Google, Paypal, and Pinterest. The Palo Alto Business Community is supported by Stanford University, one of the best colleges in California.

This is an amazing place to be if you’re looking to relocate to the heart of ingenuity and entrepreneurship.

Moving a Business to San Francisco

A technical boom helped San Francisco become one of the most powerful business communities in the United States. The employees of the world recognize this power as well. The bay area is synonymous with innovation, with many companies holding offices there. Companies like AirBnb, Gap, Levi Strauss, Lyft, Twitter, Uber, Square, and Yelp are just a few of the thousands of companies that call SF home.

Moving a Business to Santa Monica

At the western end of Los Angeles is the famous beach town of Santa Monica. The city has a strong economy, aided by many companies located within its borders, and its role as a beach tourist destination. Hulu, Lionsgate Films, RAND Corp, Toms Shoes and Universal Music are located in Santa Monica.

In Santa Monica, almost 23% of firms have employees. There are more than 23,153 companies in the city, and the population is only 93,220 people!

Yorba Linda

37 miles from Los Angeles, in Orange County, holds the city of Yorba Linda. The beautiful landscape of Orange County and the proximity to the center of Los Angeles attract a rich group of residents.

Yorba Linda has the second largest average income of any city. And a very high percentage of owner-occupied housing (82.61%). This economic health provides an excellent opportunity for small business owners, especially in service-oriented services!

Best California Cities for Business

California has proven to be a huge attractor for businesses looking to have access to a quality workforce and strategic location. With hundreds of other huge companies drawing talent to the west coast, those who elect to move a business to California will enjoy a large pool of qualified professionals, beautiful sunny weather, and excellent terrain for adventure and fun.