4 Qualities to Look for in a Laboratory Moving Company

Test samples ready to be transported by a laboratory moving company

When laboratories relocate, great care must be placed on selecting the company entrusted with such a delicate procedure. There are numerous moving parts, and if something goes wrong, it could mean irreplaceable loss. For this reason, when you hire a laboratory moving company, the provider you select needs to develop a detailed plan, maintain informed communication, demonstrate care for the cargo, and guide meticulous organization.

1. Plan & Adapt

Planning far in advance during a lab move is essential. Not only is early planning required to secure the specialty freight trucks necessary for the move, but it also grants insight into potential regulatory hurdles. For example, take this lab move that involved transporting international soil samples across state lines. The lack of foresight resulted in lost time and unnecessary headaches. Finding a lab relocation company that plans ahead and acquires necessary permits is essential to a smooth move. 

2. Start to Finish Communication

Maintaining a steady line of communication with the company in charge of moving your laboratory produces results that do not deviate from what is expected. Your lab relocation company should begin by discussing deadlines and anticipated touchpoints. If any unexpected issues arise during the move, the company should inform you of the impacts and provide proposed resolutions. Even after the move finishes, lines of communication should remain open to ensure that everything falls within your expectations.

3. Delicate Care

Delicate instruments need delicate movers. When searching for a lab relocation company, make sure that they are equipped for the job. Transporting lab equipment requires specialty rigging and freight trucks. Often, the transportation freighters will need to be climate controlled, fit for live animals, and capable of containing hazardous material. A company well-equipped for the job will have a vast network of trusted vendors with demonstrable success moving labs. 

4. Organized

Your lab runs on organization. There are meticulous standards and procedures guiding your research, and your lab relocation company should be held to the same standards. When consulting with potential movers, pay special attention to their process for taking inventory and tracking each item during the move. Ideally, they will have a barcode system that shows exactly which items are in which boxes, and where each box is located.

Find a Laboratory Moving Company

Finding a laboratory moving company is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. Trusting your move to a company unequipped to handle the scope of your relocation is a recipe for failure. It could prove to be costly. Before deciding on a company, make sure that they are capable of the task and have a proven track record of success relocating labs.

At Relocation Strategies, our lab relocation project managers will be with you every step of the way. From the early planning through day-to-day preparation, all the way until you settle into the new location, they will be there. We have been orchestrating delicate moves for over 25 years, and our extensive experience will help avoid disruption to keep your lab moving.


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