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Office Decommissioning During a Relocation

Office decommissioning is a crucial part of any relocation project. If it isn’t properly executed, you will almost certainly experience issues with either holdover rent, receiving your security deposit, or both. But what is decommissioning?  What is Office Decommissioning?  Office decommissioning refers to the process of returning your office space, whether you’re a marketing firm […]

Benefits of a Commercial Relocation Company

Benefits of a Commercial Relocation Company: Costs, Services, and More  When it comes time for your business to relocate, it’s important to have a plan. This planning is especially critical when it comes to a large-scale move, like a commercial relocation. A commercial relocation company can help take the stress out of the move and […]

Preparing Employees for an Office Move 

Whether your corporate office is moving across the street or across the country, your employees will be affected. Adequately preparing them for the move will help maintain productivity, reduce confusion, and create an ideal environment for a successful move. Keeping employees in the dark about key move details, including how their efforts factor into the […]