Relocation for labs is no small undertaking. Moves of this size do not happen often and, as a result, the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills required are usually unavailable internally. Relocation project management and relocation specialists are well equipped to handle a lab relocation and can ensure it’s done quickly – on time and on budget.

Planning for a Lab Relocation

Just getting started by planning and evaluating risks can be more than enough to overwhelm a person. A lab relocation needs someone experienced and knowledgeable overseeing such a transition. When it comes to a lab relocation, many companies often look to outside sources, such as original equipment manufacturers, local transportation services, or even dedicated lab project management companies.

Lab Transition Strategy

It’s all in the details when it comes to a lab transition strategy. Everything you could think of, from elevator issues, loading dock availability, and electrical hookups needs to be planned and addressed ahead of time. A number of these components can quickly become major issues and it’s important to have contingencies in place to keep your project on a strict timeline.

Project managers like the ones at Relocation Strategies oftentimes host daily briefings with clients to ensure full transparency around the status of the move. You lab relocation project manager will handle all details surrounding partners to vendors and assets. As relocation project managers have seen, these small details have the power to derail an operation like this.

Lab Relocation Case Study

Relocation Strategies was retained to execute the relocation of Lifetech Resources, a manufacturer of cosmetic and personal care products. Having outgrown its Chatsworth, CA facility, Lifetech had purchased a building in Moorpark.

By developing and executing a schedule of five phased moves of two production lines each, Relocation Strategies enabled Lifetech to maintain its production capabilities in order to meet all its fulfillment deadlines.

Relocation Strategies was also responsible for relocating all contents, including 1500 pallets of inventory, labs, mixers, and office furnishings and contents. Additionally, Relocation Strategies sourced and managed the installation of used racking.  We kept that transaction on pace to avoid price increases during a time that prices were rising due to the imposition of steel import tariffs.

Hire Lab Relocation Project Managers

By hiring a team to support your lab relocation, you’ll ensure movers, contractors, and other suppliers are all managed. The new site will be in good working order before assets arrive and your project will stay on time and on budget.