An office relocation checklist can make or break your transition strategy. Move management can be tedious, time consuming, but 100% worth it. Moving offices can take anywhere from six months to a year and the items you focus on in your checklist can negate costly downtime and inefficient office adjustments.

Here at Relocation Strategies, we’ve moved companies of all sized all around the world and know exactly how each team should plan ahead. Here are our three biggest action items to include in your office moving guide.

Cost Breakdowns

Did you catch what we said up there? Yeah, your office relocation can take up to a year to plan. By outlining a move budget ahead of time, you can ensure that the cost of the move doesn’t overpower the benefit. Plan you budget with each and every little line item you can foresee coming up. This will be your ultimate guide – don’t stray from it! If you completely alter this guide throughout your move, your team can quickly rack up costs, stunting cash flow, and making it difficult to get operations up and running in the new facilities.

Realistic Timelines

This portion is equally as important. Before you begin the relocation process, it’s essential to come up with a realistic timeline as a framework for your team. When tackling the move, refer to your timeline to coordinate a strategy and hire outside contractors. For example, your timeline might outline IT setup on Monday before the employee team moves into the facility on a Wednesday. This helps employees acclimate to the new space and get back to work quickly… thus, bringing in more money.

Cost and time are two items that we see get out of hand time and time again. Setting strict outlines before you begin will help expensive setbacks.

Candidates for Business Relocation Project Manager

Moving your company doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Especially when you hire the right team and relocation checklist.

Relocation Strategies is here to help with all the logistics, planning, and implementation. Our team is invested in the success of your relocation from start to finish. We will ensure your move goes smoothly with minimal loss. If you’re interested in hearing how we can help, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free personalized consultation.