Business relocation services

The team at Relocation Strategies has expertise in coordinating and managing relocations of large and small offices, as well as large corporate locations, manufacturing and production facilities, research and technical laboratories, medical clinics and more. Our nationwide business relocation services mean we have experience managing move-related problems quickly to avoid a runaway over-budget project or costly employee downtime. These are exactly the skills G & J Manufacturing needed in order to coordinate their multi-unit move. Here’s how Relocation Strategies’ relocation action plan got the job done.

Project Overview

Relocation Strategies job was to consolidate G & J Manufacturing’s multiple units into its newly purchased building. G & J programs and manufactures high end, customized printed circuit boards for the music and recording industry. G & J utilizes both automated and manual assembly processes, neither of which the company could afford to have completely shut down during the relocation process.

Project Manager for Business Relocation

As a project manager for business relocation, we are responsible for project coordination, sourcing and installation of pallet racking and management of multiple vendors for the relocation of office and warehouse contents, including equipment rigging, inventory, and light shelving and parts.

Industrial & Warehouse Relocation Checklist

The team at Relocation Strategies instituted a phased relocation plan of equipment and inventory that ensured G & J would be able to maintain continuous production in both areas throughout the move. A move checklist is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to keep your team organized, on budget, and on time during a business relocation. Organization is essential, especially when income and the prosperity of the business is on the line.

Business Relocation Services

Our team will assist in your relocation project from start to finish. Leave all major coordination and purchasing decisions to us! We’re there to answer questions, save you time, and save you money. Ready to make a business transition, get in touch!

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