Coordinating all the aspects of moving an office is overwhelming. Online resources like a business moving checklist and best practice documents can help keep things on track. It’s important to have a relocation plan and team when you’re starting out. Here are a few other things you should ensure are in order before relocating a company.

Plan Early

Even for smaller corporate relocations, your team should get to work on your office relocation action plan at least six months in advance. Get your move team together and assign each member their own specific tasks. Host regular move meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page and are checking off action items on the business moving checklist. This will streamline the process and ensure nothing is forgotten. Even if something is forgotten or falls through the cracks, you have time to fix the issue before the lease on your current space is up.

Scope Out the New Space

You’ll need to perform any cosmetic or architectural changes to the space early on in the relocation process. If there is a large wall in the middle of the structure that needs to be eliminated before your move date, those accommodations need to be made. No outlets near desks? Your team needs to address how you’re going to fix it, and early.

Space planning and organization are also essential when moving an office to a new location. In order to properly execute a move, you need to be deeply familiar with the floorplan of your new location. Where will printers go? How will desks and offices be mapped out for optimal comfort and productivity? These are questions you should answer before moving an office.

I.T. Infrastructure

One of the biggest complications in the corporate moving process is disconnecting and reconnecting all of your tech. Your I.T. staff should assist in the business moving plan in order to organize transferring all your office’s technical equipment. This should be done as soon as you know the date of your move.

Think computers, servers, and phones, as well as your data and internet plans. This is a big job, as so many businesses rely on tech for productivity.

Relocation Strategies

For many, this process will prove too overwhelming and time consuming. The ROI of outsourcing a project manager before moving an office to a new location is significant. From move management to transition strategy, the team at Relocation Strategies as you covered. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please reach out.