Business relocation for large corporations looking to downsize their space presents considerable challenges. Do you have plans in place to ensure your materials will arrive to the new space on time? What are you going to do with all that extra furniture?

You need liquidation experts to manage your office decommissioning to avoid unwanted expense. Your office transition strategy is critical.

Liquidation Experts

Liquidation is the process of selling off a company’s inventory in order to generate cash and downsize an office in preparation for a move. Typically, these sales are made at a discount in order to move things along more swiftly.

This process can be time consuming and complicated if you do not have connections with vendors. Thankfully, there are businesses that can manage this for you. In the case of a large business transition, hiring a liquidation expert is highly advisable.

Defining Your Assets

In order to execute a smooth transition that is performed both on time and on budget, your liquidation expert or move management team needs to define which assets you need to keep, and which should be sold off. In this situation, you need to keep in mind variables like moving cost, square footage, and employee retention.

For example, here are some items from your existing office space that should be considered:

  • Store fixtures
  • Décor
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Tools
  • Machinery (especially important in warehouse or industrial relocations)
  • IT equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Art and other wall hangings
  • Corporate perk items like treadmill desks and coffee makers
  • Window treatments and rugs

Keeping Your Project on Budget

Neglecting the steps it takes to properly decommission your business space leaves you exposed to various unwanted extra expenses.

Given that Relocation Strategies is an independent, non-biased company, we provide services tailored to each specific customer and budget – not based on industry partnerships. Our team will reduce the stress and cost of your business transition with efficiency and tact.

As a result of our close industry relationships, technical skills, and decades of experience, our team will expertly execute your office transition project.

Business relocation for large corporations can be a big undertaking. Give us a call to discuss your upcoming project and how we can help.